Shamakhy Astrophysical Observatory
Ayyub Guliyev was appointed to the post of director of ShAO

Presidium of ANAS made a decision dealing with election of directors at number of scientific-research institutes and institutions equal to this status. Elections to the post of directors were held at meetings on the sections of ANAS. Taking into consideration the results of elections at meetings of Presidium 18 directors of institutes and institutions of ANAS were appointed to the post.

The astronomers celebrated Novrus holiday

The last Tuesday of Novrus was celebrated with enthusiasm at Shamakhy Astrophysical Observatory (ShAO) in Shamakhy.

Novrus comes to our country

The sun’s raise divides the equator equality in 20h57m on March, 20. Thus the time period of day and night is equal to each other and the sun’s authority in the North Pole starts after this point. Thus spring has arrived.

News from ShAO

This famous telescope was manufactured and installed by the German company “Carl Zeiss JENA”. 2-m telescope consists of three various optical systems, and is intended mainly for spectral observations. The primary parabolic mirror has a diameter of 2000 mm and a focal length of 9000 mm. The system of the principal focus without a corrector has a field of view of 6’ x 6’ and is used for the spectral and photometric investigations of faint celestial objects.

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